The Board of Directors

President message

Dears members,

It is an honor for me to have become the president of the Quebec Golf Superintendents Association. This is a profession that has been promoted and defined by several illustrious presidents for over 60 years. The role of a superintendent is a multidisciplinary job that involves human resources management, budget management, agronomy, irrigation, and many other tasks.

Our association aims to train new superintendents, promote the professionalism of our members, facilitate networking so that they can exchange methods and challenges they face. We also organize activities and continuing education to ensure that Quebec’s superintendents are always up-to-date with new techniques and technologies.

This website serves as a tool for our members to access relevant information, facilitate their registrations, and also promote this magnificent profession to people outside of this field.

Jean-René Lessard

Board of Directors

Jean-René Lessard

Assistant  Responsible of the certification committee
Responsible of the training committee
Concertation table


Club de golf Victoriaville
223, Perreault C.P. 202
Victoriaville QC G6P 6S8

Club House: 819-752-4907
Maintenance: 819-752-4434
Mobile: 819-357-0845
Fax: 819-752-5886

Trevor Anderson

Training program manager - SSQG
Assistant Responsible of the certification committee
Concertation table
English revision

Mount Bruno Country club
665, Chemin des Vingt
Saint-Bruno QC J3V 4P6

Club House: 450 653-1265
Maintenance: 450 653-1265
Mobile: 514 212-3955
Fax: 450 653-7876

Jean-François Marinier

Responsible of the certification committee
Communications committee manager

Club de golf Sorel-Tracy Les Dunes
12000, chemin St-Roch
Sorel-Tracy QC J3R 5E8

Club House: 450 589-5686
Maintenance: 450 589-5687
Mobile: 450 517-1977

Guillaume Dionne-Marcotte

Club de golf Lévis inc.
6100, boul. Guillaume-Couture
Lévis QC G6V 8Z7

Club House: 418 837-3618
Mobile: 418 670-5858
Fax:418 835-9219

Francis Desrosiers

Herbomanie – Adjoint au directeur de la publication
Responsable Comité Bourses

Club de golf Val Morin
4500, 5e Avenue
Val-Morin, QC J0T 2R0

Club House:819 322-1501
Maintenance: 819 322-1501, #210
Mobile: 450 820-8237
Fax: 819 322-6094

Jordan Favreau

Assistant Responsible SSQG 2022
Grassmaniac – assistant to the director of publication
Assistant Responsible of the communication committee

Club de Golf Hemmingford
313, Route 219
Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0

Club House: 450 247-2445
Maintenance: 450 247-2445 #239
Mobile: 514 503-6569
Fax: 450 247-3151

Yann Gagné


Club de golf De Joliette
221, chemin du Golf
St-Charles-Borromée QC J6E 8L1

Club House: 450 753-7459
Maintenance: 450-759-9331
Mobile: 514-977-7413
Fax: 450-753-9052


Mark Lane

Club de golf Memphrémagog
700 Rue Gendron
Magog QC J1X 3W4

Club house: 819-843-0489
Mobile: 819-679-5707

Bernard Lefebvre

Sales and sponsorship manager - SSQG 2022
Sponsorship Sales Manager - Golf Tournaments
Assistant to the director of promotion of the profession

Country Club de Montréal
5, Riverside Drive
St-Lambert QC J4S 1B7

Club House: 450-671-6181
Maintenance: 450-671-6627
Mobile: 514-703-0318
Fax: 450-671-4319

Andrew Marr

Responsible activities, tournaments for assistants
Assistant Responsible of promotion of the profession

Club de golf Parcours du Cerf
2500, boul. Fernand-Lafontaine
Longueuil QC J4N 1M5

Club House: 450 468-1142
Maintenance: 450 468-1142 # 223
Mobile: 514 293-9368
Fax: 450 468-4878

Dean O’Doherty

Past president
Administrator responsible for supplier relations
Assistant Manager for Sponsorship Sales - Tournaments and SSQG
Website Manager
Assistant Responsible of the communication and promotion committee for the profession

Club de golf Vallée du Richelieu
100, rue du Golf
Ste-Julie QC J3E 1Y1

Club House: 450-649-1511
Maintenance: 450-649-1511, # 231
Mobile: 514 377-4898
Fax: 450-649-8387

Yvon Racine

FIHOQ Responsible Horticompetence Representative
Assistant Responsible for promoting promotion
Assistant to the website manager
Succession Program

Club de golf Alpin
20, rue des Monardes
Ste-Brigitte de Laval QC G0A 3K0

Club House: 418 825-3108
Maintenance: 418 825-3108, ext 6
Mobile: 418 571-6846
Fax: 418 825-3453

Administrative Office

Founded in 1995, Gestias was created to fulfill a unique mission: to provide specialized services to non-profit organizations. Since its beginnings, Gestias has experienced constant growth and forged deep and lasting relationships with over 40 partner organizations.

Our considerable expertise in member management, financial management and event management remains our primary strength. Our multidisciplinary team offers non-profit organizations a unique, high-level skill set tailored to their individual needs and practices.

Gestias has been a partner of the Quebec Golf Superintendents Association since 2001 and served as its management consultant since 2005.

Presentation of the team dedicated to the QGSA

Management Consultant

Administrative Support, Member Services and Events


Directors’ Mandates

Jean-Philippe Doucet, President

  • QTRF liaison
  • Accreditation committee member
  • Website committee chair

Dean O’Doherty, Vice-President

  • Director responsible for supplier member relations
  • Promoting the profession committee chair

Daniel Read, Secretary-Treasurer

  • 2018 Golf Summit – QGSA representative
  • Accreditation committee co-chair
  • Website committee member
  • QGSA Succession Program coordinator

John Scott, Past President

  • Conferences committee member
  • ASGQ Lobbyist
  • CGSA Board Representative

Trevor Anderson, Director 

  • Education Program coordinator
  • Accreditation committee co-chair
  • Industry round table – QGSA representative
  • English publications review

Jean-René Lessard, Director   

  • Grassmaniac – Publications Director
  • Industry round table – QGSA representative
  • Accreditation committee member

Bernard Lefebvre, Director  

  • Conferences committee chair
  • Tournaments committee chair
  • Promoting the Profession committee member
  • Networking committee chair

Yvon Racine, Director 

  • Horticompetence – QGSA representative
  • FIHOQ-QGSA representative
  • Promoting the Profession committee member

Jean-François Marinier, Director     

  • Accreditation committee member
  • Assistant to the education program coordinator
  • Networking committee member

Jordan Favreau, Director  

  • Conference committee member
  • Grassmaniac – Assistant Editor
  • Website committee member

Marc-Antoine Brière, Director 

  • Assistant-Superintendent Events Coordinator
  • Promoting the Profession committee member